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        *   Chemical supply Fa. Merck – Texas Instruments Italy

        *   First fully-automatic european 6" cleaning and etching equipment for silicon slices

        *  Colour-sign equipment for Alucoils Belgium

        *  Colour-sign equipment for Steel-??brammen?? in Italy

        *  Rails-stamp equipment for Italy / Spain / South Korea

        *  Cleaning and Etching equipment for FCM, AMD , Siemens , IHP , Temic , Semikron , ...(Fa.Stangl München)

   *   Fully-automatic silicon slices cleaning equipment for EPCOS - München (Fa.Stangl München)

   *   Cleaning and Etching equipment for EPCOS – Singapur (Fa. Stangl München)

        *    Fully-automatic drilling and milling equipment for fire prevention gates(due to customer requirement we are not enabled to give further information)

        *    Many equipments in the steel and non - ferrous metal industry! (on customer requirement no further information)

   *   Fully-automatic Etching equipments for solar industry!

   *   Manufacturing - plant Fa. Miba - Laakirchen - Frictec Roitham - Miba Vorchdorf  

   *   Manufacturing - plant for the creation of solar thin - layer modules CIS!



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